Coming Soon: Top 100 Albums of 2021

Wow, I have seriously neglected this blog! I anticipated that I would have put album reviews, concerts reviews, etc.

However, time has just gotten the best of me. Working full time, working on the podcast, and beginning my journey as a Twitch streamer has really eaten up the hours in the day.

There will definitely be a break in podcasts, at least for the month of January. During that time I'll compile my list of top 100 albums of 2021. I'm not going to write a snippet on each album this year, that took too much damn effort.

I'll at least write a little blurb for my top 21 albums of 2021, and just dump the other 79 into one big list, and of course have a top 100 master list for easy perusing. I just need to put my head down and really focus on narrowing down my list (I've got a few hundred albums to revisit).

Does this mean I'll write moar content for the 21 albums? No idea! It depends on what I have time for. In the meantime, have a great, safe Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, Chanukah, and whatever else you may celebrate during the holiday season! Talk to you soon!

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